High Frequency correct sequence of operations
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      High Frequency correct sequence of operations
      Time:2014-07-16 20:54:48
      1-phase power switch is turned on first, then turn on the power switch on the machine side of the control box, if there is high-cycle switch temporarily not marked, then marked the electric power switch, this time, vacuum tubes and are beginning to pre-heat the mold heat. 
      2 auxiliary on the lower mold insulating material, mounted on the extreme upper die, test mode switch is pressed, the upper and lower mold engagement position to start debugging, if the next bonding bad, it moves lower die, if the level of substandard, they adjust the die four pillar child. 
      3 die after a good tune, adjust the three-time controller (if it is pedal-type machine, only the high-cycle welding time), fall time that is pressed on the run to the lower mold die time, welding time that output time, cooling time that the curing time, the three time applications require flexible, no fixed value of the number. 
      4 If the first transfer mode, the need to adjust the tuning tune with the widest spacing transferred. 
      5 If the above operations have more than 10-15 minutes, and when you reach the desired temperature, high-cycle switch marked the start operation test. 
      6 test, if the result is not satisfactory, the need to go slowly with the adjuster together, watching the screen flow table (the table of values for different models different, please refer to the manual). Check the product, if not ideal, put the same tune is add a little or a little less, until the requirements. 
      7 finished effect is determined by the following four areas: 
      ① ② temperature coherent output power output ③ ④ high pressure weeks. The above four areas, please adjust flexibly