Radiation frequency induction heating machine harmful it?
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      Radiation frequency induction heating machine harmful it?
      Time:2014-07-16 20:58:01
      According to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is given on the range:

      1, the magnetic field in the frequency range from about 300MHz to about 0.1MHz, the magnetic field generated by the magnetic field strength of more than 3 gigahertz, fishes harmful, 90MHz to 300MHz field greatest damage, and further down closer 0.1MHz magnetic field, the smaller the damage, the damage problem of the magnetic field the following 0.1MHz, the more negligible. Of course, the scope of their strength in hazardous 3 gigahertz or less in general is regarded as a safe range.

      2, the electromagnetic waves is 90MHz to 300MHz maximum damage, 300MHz more than the closer 12000MHz, the smaller the degree of injury, so tell us what, before we use the "Big Brother" in the frequency of 900MHz and 1800MHz, belongs to the range of harmful . As for industrial heating electromagnetic movement, frequency of 17 ~ 24KHz, belonging to super audio signal (20 ~ 25kHz range), unless you can hear a slight noise, other non-destructive to the human body.

      3, the frequency and electromagnetic principle industrial and home heating cooker is substantially the same, now has entered the home appliance household, safety is indisputable fact, effective magnetic fluxes from the appliance very short, less than 3cm only the iron have a role, we may be a simple and effective test, put your home cooker pot slightly increased even 1cm, pot electromagnetic induction decay rapidly, and our industrial induction heating, the coil from the operation of the workers are more than 1500mm, dangerous completely negligible.

      4, modern life is absolutely inseparable from electromagnetic waves, and the space we live in is full of a wide range of wavelengths of the electromagnetic wave is like the sun, the earth, if not the sun, everything will lose their lives, so the sun is beneficial to the people of electromagnetic waves. In addition, there are many infrared medical equipment, but also beneficial to the body's electromagnetic waves. This electromagnetic heating though electromagnetic radiation is useful, but it is not hazardous to humans, according to the test is about one sixtieth of the phone is turned on. You can rest assured that use.

      Frequency Unit Conversion: 1MHz = 1000KHZ = 1000,000 Hz