About liar recruiting on behalf of our explanation
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      About liar recruiting on behalf of our explanation
      Time:2014-07-16 20:57:33
      About recently received a lot of candidates reflects our people posing recruitment matters.
      First of all, thanks to the candidates of the students gave me a message to inform the Secretary of the worst incidents, at present know the mobile phone number is 153 at the beginning of our personnel posing as recruitment, was hired candidates through telephone interview, the interviewer asked a medical examination, as well as with Luggage participate in company uniform 7-10 days training. There may be other criminals use other numbers or other excuses to defraud, hoping to find a job candidate at the same time more of a vigilant! 
      Because you can not find the regulatory authorities responsible for such incidents, we can only remind the candidates while recruiting attention: 
      1, you can learn more information in the mutual communication at the time of receiving recruiting calls. 
      2, hit the company switchboard asked whether this person? Are responsible for related matters? Whether this job is recruiting? Phone 0755 -27986108 / 27986708. 
      3, the general flow of the Division I recruit: see resume after the first screening personnel from the Ministry of Personnel (phone asks whether the work has recently been found whether the willingness to work our area??) or interview department heads telephone communication (Communication Learn about the interviewer's language skills and proficiency in professional aspects, the questions asked and you should have a job interview convergence), followed by job seekers will be sent to the mailbox interview by email, enclosing the company address, website, telephone , contacts and other relevant information. 
      4, the company has been terminated and Zhaopin cooperation seekers received a phone call to be told that if Zhaopin seen by job seekers resume in turn inform the interview matters, always do not believe it. 
      5, all branch employees are our company headquarters in Shenzhen direct dispatch, do not recruit in the field. 
      6, the company personnel to job seekers during a call, the company will use the landline. If you receive a phone number to call to you, please do not believe it. 
      Shenzhen East of Industrial is a focus on staff training and development company with a good working environment, be able to give you a platform to platform to show themselves, people can expect to have the ability to come here and grow with the company.