Induction heating than conventional heating methods with the characteristics and advantages
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      Induction heating than conventional heating methods with the characteristics and advantages
      Time:2014-07-16 20:55:07
      Than traditional heating methods (gas tube high frequency machine, gas stove, electric stove, coking coal) energy saving 3/4, and safe high voltage electric shock, to 24 hours of continuous work, no fire, more in line with fire safety regulations; 
      Heating: the fastest heating rate of less than 1 second (adjustable speed control) 
      Heating broad: a wide range of heating metal parts (according to the different shape of the workpiece to replace removable induction coil) 
      Easy installation: Connect the power supply, induction coil and pipes can be used; small size, light weight, easy to use 
      Operation is simple: few minutes to learn 
      To start heating the water power: fast start 
      Power consumption: high-frequency devices than the old tube saving about 70%, the smaller the power consumption of the smaller 
      Effect: very uniform heating (also by adjusting the density of an induction loop, so that all parts of the work to get their desired temperature), heating up fast, less oxide layer after annealing without waste 
      Power adjustable: Promise adjust the output power 
      Protection of all: with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water and other alarm indication and automatic control and protection 
      Temperature control: by setting the heating time and the infrared thermometer to control the temperature of the workpiece is heated, so the heating temperature can be controlled to a technical point. Function can also increase the insulation needed 
      Safety: eliminating the produce ten thousand volts high voltage step-up transformer