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      • High-frequency heating machine name "high-frequency induction heating machine", also known as high-frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency heating power, high frequency power, high freque
        Published:2014-07-16 20:50:54 Views:255
      • Holiday Notice Dear customers and vendors: Thank you for your continued up to the East’s care, support and care for the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching, the East of the company gave everyone a happy wish everyone:!! Happy new year, busin
        Published:2014-07-16 20:49:43 Views:255
      • Dear Customer: Hello thank you for the strong support of our company over the past year, the 2013 Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:! January 30, 2013 (lunar December 19) to February 18 (ninth lunar month) holidays, February 19th (tenth
        Published:2014-07-16 20:48:12 Views:255
      • Shenzhen East of Industrial products have passed CE safety certification! CE certification mark "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and a passport to enter the European market. CE behalf of the European
        Published:2014-07-16 20:35:56 Views:255
      • In line with international trade business, recently, I produced the high-frequency, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment series products passed the CE safety certification, exports to the EU countries to obtain security passes!
        Published:2014-07-16 20:31:57 Views:255
      • After more than a month’s revision, East of Industrial website success, on-line testing.
        Published:2014-03-08 17:25:58 Views:255