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      About us

      About us

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      Hong Kong Dongda Co., Ltd was founded in 1991 and special in the research & development and production of portable solid-state high-frequency heating induction device. There are three series of products(high-frequency, medium frequency and ultra-frequency), including over 50 models. Now it is the strongest manufacturer in the industry in Asia.

      Shenzhen Dongda Co., Ltd was founded in China in 1991. Dr Zhang Xiabing himself leads many engineers to construct the modern high-frequency production base integrating production, sales and service in Shenzhen, which fills up the blank of domestic high-frequency industry. Now there are over 160 staffs in Dongda, in which 8 researchers are granted the master degree, 12 are granted the bachelor degree and 20 have middle or high title. “Recruiting top talents, training top technologists and manufacturing top equipments and creating top service quality” is regarded as the developing direction of the company. The company has set several key departments such as research & development, production, quality, sales, service, resource and general management, and the equipments are sold to Harbin and Xizang, and exported to Thailand and some South-east Asia countries. In 1999, Dongda developed some big middle frequency devices including 3 tons and 5 tons middle frequency melting and auto leaf spring induction heating molding and heat treatment devices continually, contributed a lot to the advancement of auto industry technology and became the committeeman of auto industry science and technology advancement encouragement fund committee. Dongda has achieved great achievements in promoting ISO9001 modern management mode and passed the authentication of ISO9001: 2000 international quality system in 2001, and became the enterprise with the authentication title of ISO9001: 2000 international quality system in high frequency industry.The continual innovation and advancement of technology is the permanent objective of Dongda. In the science and technology world of future, Dongda will make further enterprising actively and try to develop more excellent device to serve the society perfectly!